Mid-Career Recruitment

Employment Type
Full-time, Short-time, Contract employment, Temporary, Limited-time, Part-time
Who we are looking for
We aren’t merely looking for a physical laborer. Only intellectual workers.
Raise the reward with the value of wisdom and ideas not the length of working hours.
Job Type
Project Leader
System Engineer
Suggest to us your own market value by monthly or annual salary.
We will contract for employment at requested amount for the first year.
From second year, however, performance evaluation of last year will determine your salary either in monthly or annual salary system.
Other Benefits
Fixed amount overtime allowance, Overtime allowance, Post allowance, Remotework allowance etc.
Salary Increase
Determined by Goal management and Evaluation system (once a year)
Monthly salary system only, provided twice a year (June, December) according to the company regulation. End-of-year bonus (February)
Transportation expenses
Full payment provided
Work Place
It's completely teleworking, so you can work anywhere.
Work Hours
9:30-18:00(standard work hours: 7.5h)
We also use a discretionary labor system and allow side jobs, so please contact us regarding working hours.
Weekend, National holidays, New Year's holiday
Annual paid leave, Birthday leave, Refreshment leave, Special leave, Maternity leave, Child nursing leave, Childcare leave
Social Insurance
Employment insurance, Industrial accident insurance, Health insurance, Welfare pension
Welfare Benefits
Congratulatory or condolence payment
Meal allowance (Ticket Restaurant)
Recruitment Process
① Apply resume (photo attached) and curriculum vitae
② Document screening
③ First interview (employee panel), Aptitude test
④ Final interview (executive panel)
⑤ Tentative decision